Adult Bible Study
There is a Bible Study group for every age:

· Adult 1 (College/Career, Room 245)

· Adult 2 (Ages 20's & 30's, Room 25)

· Adult 3 (Ages 30's & 40's, Fellowship Hall)

· Adult 4 (Ages 40's & 50's, Fellowship Hall)

· Adult 5 (Ages 50's & 60's, Room 248)

· Adult 6 ( Ages 60's & 70's, Room 247)

· Adult 7 (Ages 70's & up, Small Fellowship Hall)

· Ruth Class (Senior Ladies Class, Room 246)





We are committed to two main goals: being shaped by God’s Word and serving God’s world. To that end, ministries for adults are focused on these goals.

We meet in our Bible Study Classes to continue to learn how to be shaped by God’s Word (the Bible) and to share our lives with others walking along the same path. We serve God’s world through local missions (like the Azle Community Caring Center and others) as well as through serving at Ash Creek Baptist Church and longer-term missions projects at home and abroad.

Through Bible study, fellowship, special events and many other activities, we give each adult the chance to network with others their age to enable them to be more effective in all aspects of their life. Pick a class and try it; then visit other classes until you find the fit that's best for you.

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Adult Activities and Events

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